Cyan ID - Serpents With Spirit And Body

Ćyan ID is a techno EBM project from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Her Absence Fill the World - Part​-​time Punk

The duo “Her Absence Fill the World” makes music which sounds lost and chased at the same time. Inspired and driven by their different individual backgrounds from Ankara to Berlin, over the education in classical violin to self produced/played techno & EBM, their style conglomerates in a dark and melodic sound.

Digital Album

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Poladroid - Eurosiberie

What do you know about Russia? You think it’s just about vodka or caviar, roulette, cocktails or blinis… Bullshit!!! There is something, something you never knew about…

During the mid 70′s in the USSR, young Russians were listening to occidental and sovietic music. With the appearance of the punk, new wave and electro styles, a multitude of acts were formed. Due to the lack of instruments, young engineers decided to create their own synths, cloning, adapting and perfecting Japanese and American material, giving everyone the opportunity to create music with good quality instruments. From Moscow to Novsibirsk, From St Petersburg to Sochi, From Minsk to Norilsk, an incredible movement grew up. Between 1978 and 1986 about 40 LP’s were released, limited to 300 copies each. Their unique sound was never discovered in Europe.

After the fall of the soviet empire most of the tracks were lost but a few producers kept precious musical data. In 1999 a Russian immigrant living in Belgium, Vladimir Volkoff, found the data during a trip he made to Russia. He decided to reform the projects, using both old Russian analog prototype synths along with modern occidental technologies. [Discogs]

Cassette / Digital Album

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Goremyka - Durak

Goremyka is a post-punk band from Smolensk, Russia. Formed in 2020.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Karl Kave & Durian - Untergang und Finsternis

Great collaboration between our fave Swiss New Wave heroes. Dreamy synths, dreamy lyrics, dreamy people.

LP / Digital Album

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