Travm - Vltrafeminism

The equality of all people, not causing harm to others, responsibility for our actions both for the individuals and for the whole humanity are life-important for us. Our society is still far from these principles. Every day, the government and citizens repeat the cycle of senseless prejudice and violence. Music for us is an opportunity to somehow react to what is happening, to speak out about how life is and how we want it to change.

So the band name Travm has come from it – something between “ein Traum” and “Травма” (Travma) – injury in Russian. Album is called Vltrafeminism. That’s our local band meme. The mention of ultra feminism causes people to feel cognitive dissonance because we still have chauvinistic society here. And it’s double weird when you hear it from boys.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Villes Nouvelles - At The End Of Truth

Villes Nouvelles is a cold wave / post-punk band, formed in November 2010 in Paris, France by Anne F. (all lyrics, vocals, bass, guitar, synths) & Sébastien M. (synths, drums, noises).

Originally named Chambre Froide, the band has released their debut EP “Smiling Faces” in June 2012 and the following year, in December 2013, the LP “Nothing But Puppets”. “At The End Of Truth” is their 3rd album.

12″ / Digital Album

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Le Cliché - Nothing is Original

All of the tracks on this EP are inspired by a host of sounds, clips and samples borrowed from wonderfully obscure electronic music artists cassette tapes of the late 70s and early 80s.

Digital Album

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