Autumns - You Always Taught Me Better

Autumns is the solo project of Christian Donaghey, From Derry, Ireland, an outlet for electronic post-punk with a lethal pulse. After a brace of rough demos without preliminary hype, the project emerged fully formed on Karl O’Connor’s (aka Regis) illustrious label Downwards back in 2014, the youngest act in a new vanguard of artists that included the likes of Tropic of Cancer, DVA DAMAS and The KVB. [Read more]

12″ / Digital Album

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Unconscious - Slaves Of System

Active in various scenes since the 90’s, from days as a grafitti artist, to the emergence of techno in Europe and buying his first Akai 950 and Atari ST-1040, Milan-based Andrea Riberti is a live artist and producer with his roots cemented in early rave culture, drawing from the wake of Post Punk, Industrial and Body Music. As a project, Unconscious surfaced in 2013 to further experiment within electronic music, acting as an outlet to communicate raw, post-industrial sounds.

LP / Digital Album

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Nghtly - L'Alba Del Caos

Nghtly is a dystopic EBM / Mutant Electronic artist from Italy who’s been around since 2016.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Wisteria - Never Waved

This seems to be the first material album by Wisteria, a dream pop project from Seattle, Washington.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Das Das

Das Das is a synth-punk duo from Berlin.

LP / Digital Album

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