Cirque D'Ess - Black Synthetic and Dense

“Black Synthetic And Dense” is an immersion into a deep and dark world of atmospheric and evocative sounds. Taking inspiration by a wide range of music styles including Darkwave, Shoegaze, EBM, Techno and Drone, this album contains songs with intense basses, dreamy dark guitars, dance floor rhythms, layered and wide synths, weird industrial objects and huge reverbs. From mysterious whispers to harsh screams passing through experimental and unusual melodic vocal lines, every song is about real and strange life experiences in allegorical and expressionist way.

Despite every song has its own peculiar story, them are all chained by a common and constant “fil rouge” that makes this album sound organic and flowing. Under a black hood, driven by liturgical images and sustained by dance floor sounds… this is “Ritualwave”.

CD / Digital Album

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We think we can all relate to needing more when we feel there’s not much to life, yet it’s about finding beauty in the little things in life.
This song goes to all addicts: addicts to drugs, alcohol, love, hate, sadness, anything. Anyone battling isolation. You’re not alone.
Let’s dance until we drop.
Let’s love until we dance.
Let’s drop until we love.

Digital Album

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Control Room - Options

Recorded during the unyielding haze of the pandemic, Control Room’s new EP “OPTIONS” features dark, propulsive synth melodies and haunting vocals that evoke the masters of early post-punk and new wave. The opening track, We’ve Been Here Before is a laser-guided missile of love and hopelessness that will be lodged in the brain for weeks after a few listens. Are We All Alone is the perfect anthem for the isolated and paranoid. Other tracks, Encounter and Balance, highlight Control Room’s successful combination of brooding vocals and gloomy pop instrumentation. Fans of Tubeway Army, Wire and Ultravox will find much to like in this EP.

Digital Album

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Carlo Onda - Souleater

Souleater is some kind of a revisit of a very dense period of time. The Lyrics go back to decembre 2017 and have not been changed at all. The sounds on the other hand are completely new and have all been composed in Juli 2020. With the help of a clone of an Ensoniq ESQ-1 plugin. The Ensoniq how I see it, is a bridge between old fashioned values and the rapidly evolving modern life. There’s a ghost in that machine and finding it floating in the digital non-world is unsettling and wonderfull at once.

I’m really in love with the cover. It’s shot in the attic of the house I’m living. There’s tons of tombstones and other highly symbolic stuff. The now old and stubborn landlord was a sculptor.

The mask you see, I got from ebay, astonished to find a mask an uncle of mine has made, randomly in the internet. Somehow it’s a devil’s mask. But there’s something really naive and primitive in it.

For me, Souleater, as presented here, contains multiple timelines. My own and others. It’s about change, about expression and about our shock, that things will never stay the same.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Zeitgeist Vol. 15

Here’s the latest compilation by Cold Transmission Music, an independent platform to release, promote and support fresh, up-and-coming and interesting Post-Punk, Coldwave, Darkwave and electronic bands and artists.

Digital Album

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