Aroma Von Troisdorf - Buttergolem

Following his debut album in 2021, Aroma von Troisdorf makes a welcome return to Papercup Recordings with a new project, entitled ‘Buttergolem’.

With his self-titled debut album back in October of 2021, German producer Aroma von Troisdorf introduced the world to his amalgamation of styles which encapsulate influence from cosmic disco, post punk, Italo, dub, ambient, electronica and much more, delivered in a way that is uniquely his. Here following on from the acclaimed album he returns once again to the Steddy & Keshavara helmed Papercup Records, based out of Berlin/Cologne, to take listeners deeper into his sonic world. Read more…

12″ EP / Digital Album

Posted on April 30th, 2023 under Releases, ,