Wave Tension Records: Raderkraft – Politiestaat​?​!

Raderkraft - Politiestaat​?​!

Raderkraft takes you on an introspective journey to the darkest corners of the human mind with his 4th release called “Politiestaat?!”

The icy synthesizers, hypnotic rhythms and piercing vocals weave a story with the central themes of fear, misunderstanding and rejection.

Raderkraft brings his signature sound, a unique mix of raw energy and refined minimalism, back to life. This time only up-tempo songs, partly in Dutch and also including a remix plus a French cover. It also -finally- marks the release of the crowd favorite “De Witte Streep” (in remastered version) on vinyl!

The lavish lyrics reflect a sense of rejection in an indifferent polarizing society. This mini album will make you think, feel and finally realize that we live in turbulent times

12″ / Digital Album

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