Hertz-Schrittmacher: Hans Uran – Prinzipielle Sicherheit

The two titles are quite similar in sound, but complementary in style. “Prinzipielle Sicherheit” is very punchy, four-to-the-floor and danceable. The dominant bassline is joined by a punctuated sub-bass, which dynamizes the track. The vocals are heavily processed, seem metallic, machine-like and also give “Prinzipielle Sicherheit” a threatening note.

“Der letzte Gang” is certainly not a dance track. Hans Uran and a second voice sing/discuss death, and this is also transported musically as a walk “up to the scaffold”. The title seems at first somewhat arhythmic, but reveals itself on closer listening as a deliberate staccato that seems to musically implement the trembling, the duty to the end. [Damals on Discogs]


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