Cold Transmission Music: Carlo Onda – Souleater

Carlo Onda - Souleater

Souleater is some kind of a revisit of a very dense period of time. The Lyrics go back to decembre 2017 and have not been changed at all. The sounds on the other hand are completely new and have all been composed in Juli 2020. With the help of a clone of an Ensoniq ESQ-1 plugin. The Ensoniq how I see it, is a bridge between old fashioned values and the rapidly evolving modern life. There’s a ghost in that machine and finding it floating in the digital non-world is unsettling and wonderfull at once.

I’m really in love with the cover. It’s shot in the attic of the house I’m living. There’s tons of tombstones and other highly symbolic stuff. The now old and stubborn landlord was a sculptor.

The mask you see, I got from ebay, astonished to find a mask an uncle of mine has made, randomly in the internet. Somehow it’s a devil’s mask. But there’s something really naive and primitive in it.

For me, Souleater, as presented here, contains multiple timelines. My own and others. It’s about change, about expression and about our shock, that things will never stay the same.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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