Unknown Pleasures Records: European Ghost – Pale & Sick

European Ghost - Pale & Sick

Tracers light in the night, phosphorous bombs, mutilated statues and cities ‘ gutted while a silent and faceless army crosses the muddy trenches of Europe. From the sky falls a torn exterminating angel to avenge, recounting music in the new modern horror of loneliness and mute urban battles . Among kraut music, drones, electro dark wave and post-punk, a new band of Bologna, the project out of control and multiform, the European Ghost. If you like Joy Division, Bauhaus, Minimal Compact, Birthday Party, PIL, Cabaret Voltaire, Alan Vega, Psychic TV, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Sonic Youth or The Soft Moon this music is for you!

The 6th of May 2016 the French label “Unknown Pleasures Records” released the first LP “Pale and Sick” by European Ghost. “Pale and Sick” is a concept album: a flight over the European remains from the two world wars. Ten painted dark songs, integrate into New Wave tradition and pushing theirselves limits to a martial and claustrophobic experimentalism. Prevailing bass guitar and all other dense echoes guitars, weave together with strict declaims into a contemporary approach of electronic vibes. Their debut album mastered in London by James Aparicio (Grinderman, Liars, New Puritans, Spiritualized, Depeche Mode…), was claimed with great thrill by the european and south american press and radio broadcasts.

Edition of 300 copies on CD.

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