IXVLF - Language Of

Fresh addition to the growing label family, Bethlehem’s Connor Clasen alias IXVLF debuts on the label with Language Of providing the second installment of the year in our tape series. Flowing between colorful invocations of primitive house and unsettling minimal exploration, Clasen developed a peculiar approach in his music-making by triggering industrial meditations through his insatiable fascination with electronic experiments and performance; ranging from physical manipulation of machines to capturing the nervous movement of acid, noise and the feeling of metal reverberation. It resulted in this mini-album consisting in six cuts of buzzing kicks and distorted vocals — borrowing as much industrial folklore as well as more traditional electronic body music — showing the ability of the American producer to reinterpret past and current trends in an unusual way.

Listen and download here.

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Eindkrak - Divine Bovine

Here’s the first release from Eindkrak, an industrial project from Germany.

Listen and download here.

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