GRAND ((Ø)) SIGNAL - Aktivation

GRAND((Ø))SIGNAL is the new collaboration between Jacky Meurisse & Tcheleskov Ivanovitch. The name of the project was derived from their respective projects Signal Aout 42 and Grandchaos.

Both artists started composing music in the early 1980s when Belgium burst onto the scene and made waves with its signature drum machine and synth-driven music.

Jacky Meurisse has been a prolific artist and music producer throughout the eighties with his projects Le Park, Amnesia and Pleasure Game. Hits such as “Le Dormeur” and “Litchies” climbed English and French charts and remain popular club songs to this day.

Tcheleskov Ivanovitch, for his part, was a founding member of the cult Belgian indie act Ivanovitch DLO. In his solo projects, Tcheleskov has always displayed mightily muscled electronic music forefronted by powerful imagery.

The duo delivers his first release, Aktivation with a sound heavily influenced by their solo projects as well as current music styles. GRAND((Ø))SIGNAL is therefore tailor-made for dancefloors. It is destined to be appreciated by nightclubbers across the globe. The duo has already envisaged captivating live sets showcasing their performance talent and using a perfect blend of sound and imagery.

CD / Digital Album

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Monolog - Morphee Cabaret Troopers

MONOLOG is Pierre Maury’s new solo side project based in Nice (french riviera). After a debut album on the D-Monic french label here is the masterpiece of Pierre Maury aka Monolog. Next CD release on Unknown Pleasures label announced in September. Cold wave guitars, melancholic melodies and an exceptional voice reminiscent of both David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Nick Cave as The Psychedelic Furs, Talk Talk, Joy Division, The Sisters Of Mercy or Interpol. Pierre was also the live guitarist / keyboardist of the famous band Press Gang Metropol (ex Corpus Delicti).

CD / Digital Album

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Baroque & Philosophique Girl - Illusory

The young outstanding Japanese producer who makes Electronic Body and Techno Music. Baroque met Philosophique Girl who is a Japanese female singer/ producer devoted to the Dark Techno in 2014. At that time, they’d did music individually. But after she performed at the party, they found the similar direction each other. Therefore Baroque spiraled into a project, then their wave was started. Eventually their first collaboration,”Secretize EP” caused a mysterious chemistry in 2015. After signing on very conscientious label Unknown Pleasures Records this Japanese duo has made a dark and powerful electronic EP in order to melt the dancefloors. Fans of Miss Kittin, Xenia Beliayeva, Emika or Louisahhh!!! check this Techno from Japan.

Digital Album

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Vogue Noir

VOGUE.NOIR is a one man project from London, England.

Previously playing in the Synth/Post Punk duo SATO SATO , Dominique kept the machine based approach to write music inspired by the Synth scene in the 80s. Using elements of Italo Disco, EBM, Minimal Synth and Synthpop , VOGUE.NOIR aims to convey a reflective, melancholic sound with the energy of Dance music.

Digital Album

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Norma Loy - Baphomet

NORMA LOY has always been one of France’s best Post-Punk bands. The core of the band consists of singer Chelsea and keyboardist Usher. They founded the band in 1981. Since 1982 they rivaled against the dominance of Great- Britain in this genre. They may not have gained the attention and reward many other bands received, but that didn’t stop them from becoming a cult band.

The shifts in line-up during Norma Loy’s career were quite impressive, Chelsea and Usher choose not to work with a fixed number of musicians, but to let the line-up depend on the kind of album they wanted to make.

A great value to everyone interested in post-punk/80′s goth-rock, cold wave and true industrial. Norma Loy was among the very best France offered in those genres. They dared to experiment, were passionate and never succumbed to any commercial vices. NORMA LOY is alive!!

Limited Edition Digipak

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