« La main » sings in French language dark love stories. No good endings in these songs, only a strange, bitter taste remains. Sounds are definitely synthetic. Life is synthetic.

Influenced by the French 80’s New wave scene, La main seeks the melody.

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HIV+ & Friends

Here’s 25 tracks of collaborations with a dozen of artists including The Hacker, Adan & Ilse and Blind Delon.

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Larme Blanche ‎– Demain Est Mort

This is the first time in 6 years of Unknown Pleasures Records that I have signed an artist whose I don’t know true face and real identity. Following an exchange of daring and funny mails I wanted to know more, I did make adjustments on some tracks and the final mastering convinced me to publish this sonic UFO because I like the voice, the casual attitude looks like nothing, and I love his lucid and disillusioned lyrics, poetic and irreverent. I think we’ll all be very surprised the day we finally know the true identity of this guy. For now only his music is enough to make the time and space vibrate while waiting for the end of the world.

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Judith Juillerat – Oneironautics

In early 2005 Judith Juillerat opened her music to the public for the first time, when she won a remix contest for Björk’s « Army of me » put on by Unicef, leaving 600 other contestants in the dust. Then her first album “Soliloquy” was released on the Berlin-based Shitkatapult label, and produced without a computer. She plays with analog synths & beat boxes, micro, bass, acoustic instruments… After co-writing, co-producing, playing synths and singing on the Black Egg’ debut album “Legacy From A Cold World” (aufnahme + wiedergabe) she goes through a period of doubt. In 2016 Judith signs a new album at Lentonia Records called “Nooks & Crannies “.

Today with “Oneironautics” she joins the long list of brillant artists from the label Unknown Pleasures Records. Her new album is a pure masterpiece based on the different phases of sleep, inspired and deep, each sound is in perfect harmony to make you travel to a dreamlike mone which only Judith has the secret. This new record is a pure gem and a a real consecration for this female artist.

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Blind Delon - Discipline

Founded in 2016 by the french artist Mathis Kolkoz, Blind Delon draws his energy from the cold and synthwave references: ancient synthesizers, icy bass lines and black romanticism, the ingredients of a recipe that combines raw elegance and pure melancholy. In the line of Boy Harsher, Poison Point or The Soft Moon, they immortalize the Post-Punk ideal and elevate it to an invulnerable absolute. We are very proud today to announce this real masterpiece DISCIPLINE!

Blind Delon’s first album is laced with a dark energy and a daring and deep lyricism. In the darkness of today’s world, the sound material, at the same time rigid and alive, reveals a powerful encounter between organic and synthetic sounds.Mathis Kolkoz, the founder and singer of the group, as well as the invited artists (Kris Baha, Lapse of reason, DJ Varsovie) carry the lyrics and voices. Like chants, the dance and mystical music are close to incantation. Friends of the group, I Hate Models and Arabian Panther, are also guests on a couple of the tunes.The band builds a sensory atmosphere, an analogical reverie, an artefact for a corrupt and aging humanity. By working all the details, sometimes at the edge of sound design and sound decor, the group invites us in a world at once personal, sometimes disturbing but always powerful. This album carries references to amplified music from the 70’s and early 80’s as well as synthwave. These references carve the album’s strong identity.

To fully appreciate « Discipline », make yourself comfortable, slip on your headphones, close your eyes to start the voyage. One might emerge shaken, filled with the desire to move, to externalize anger, revolt, and pleasure. Blind Delon explores a new direction in this rich and mature album.”

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