Soloist Anti Pop Totalization - In The Beginning Of A New World

The cyclical rhythm that forms the architecture of Soloist Anti Pop Totalization, creates an unfaltering intensity played out in synth. His analogue machines weave an intricate texture of metallic sounds, that sharpen the ear and draw us into his compelling musical world.

Cassette / Digital Album

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A Scream Is But A Train Of Thought

Albumette released by TONN Recordings, recorded by Iv/An during the period of self-isolation imposed by what is now known as the new normal after the global pandemic stopping the world in its tracks. Play loud when no-one is around. Stowaway dusted off.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Monsieur Crane - Apocalypso

French synth wave from Bordeaux. Monsieur Crane’s music has a rare electronic energy and powerful depth that strikes the heart with all the evocative scope of a cult cinematic soundtrack.

LP / Digital Album

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Misfortunes - When The Night Falls

Misfortunes is a one-man synth project based in Thessaloniki, Greece and formed in 2014 by Ioakim Vasileiadis. Ηis affection for 80’s underground music is expressed by producing tunes that mix elements of synthpop and new wave. Misfortunes collaborates with various lyricists and poets. Misfortunes’ debut EP “Hybrid” was released by “Werkstatt recordings” on May 2017. [Discogs]

Digital Album

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No - Domestic Pulse

From his home city of Montréal, No brings us synth infused with lyricism mapped over the dark undercurrent of an intensively driving beat. From vocals suffused with a compelling nihilistic charge, No draws the listener into narratives with a somber core. This is synth unprocessed and raw edged, with an immediacy that goes straight to the heart of the matter.

LP / Digital Album

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