Lowfish - Hypersensitivity

Lowfish is back! The electro veteran, who’s been programming 808s since the early ‘90s, returns to Suction Records, the label he co-founded and debuted on in 1997, for his first release since 2011. This is suction046 – the “Hypersensitivity” EP. It’s been a while, but as the sprinkling of Lowfish compilation appearances – on labels like Analogical Force and Fundamental Records – over the intervening years have shown, Lowfish isn’t interested in radical changes; it’s all about quality and consistency. Flawlessly produced 808 drums, meticulously processed for maximum slam, combine with Lowfish’s trademark synthesizer melodies and heavily-manipulated dialogue samples… best heard on standout cuts “Apr294ms” – a melodic techno/electro dancefloor killer – and “Favourable Reports” – a slice of 808 synthpop with melodic nods to vintage OMD and Gary Numan.

EP / Digital Album

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D'Arcangelo - Somewhere in Time

An even division of harsh, industrial electronix tracks, and warm, melodic electro/synthpop tracks.

CD / Digital Album

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