Original Soundtrack of Mutant Taimori

Sci-Fi industrial with organic rhythms and bad-tripping atmospheres. Franz Hospiz created most of those tracks in 2015 (plus some rework in 2016) for a multi-sensorial performance by Laser Quest gallery (Iris Veverka and Ulysse C. Müller).

The Mutant Taimori concept challenges the human body and its limits as well as its overtaking in transhumanism : What’s after flesh? Is transhumanism a cannibalism? Is nature (and humanity) a constant mutation until self destruction? Is the only salute beyond this planet?

Here we are invited to celebrate this dystopia, or should we say this “end of race”, with a special dinner. And this tape by Franz Hospiz is its musical accompagnement.

This tape is a collaboration with Cuss Fetish records.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Soundtrack of Raging Rose

Dear wavers, a new friend label is born: DRAMES, will be dedicated to original soundtracks.

Here comes its first release, a vinyl LP for the movie CRACHE COEUR (eng: RAGING ROSE / pol: ZNAM KOGOŚ KTO CIĘ SZUKA) by Julia Kowalski.

The original music, made by her brother Daniel Kowalski (aka Dasz, aka Ame de Boue), is mainly electronic, sometimes with filtered guitars and/or voice.

The first side of the record offers a series of instrumental tracks with a lot of nostalgia, without hesitation to a few retro accents, inspired both by the genre cinema music of the late 70s and by the exacerbated romantism of the cold wave years.The second side is more eclectic and more rythmical, six dancefloor oriented tracks, with various influences like synth pop, dark electro or even black metal. The record however remains very coherent as a whole, this due precisely to what we cannot see here: the movie.

Last by not least, we have two additionnal tracks, one by Dolina, deeply cold, distant and aerial, and one by Villa Piégée, a kind of emo-future-pop hymn taken from the compilation “Palais Châlet” (2012 – Pneu records).

An intense and singular piece of synth music…

LP / Digital Album

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Toilettes publiques n°3

The conspiracy continues!

Home made trash wave and anti-pop recorded by undercover synthetic freaks!

Just for you punks!

Cassette / Digital Album

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TZII - Elagabalus & the Solar Cult

Since 1996 Tzii, music composer and filmmaker, spreads his magickal frequencies all over the world through touring from Eastern and Western Europe to Australia, passing by USA, Canada, Japan and Africa, where he played hundreds of shows…

He created his own label NIGHT ON EARTH in 2001, and is an active member of the label/collective V-ATAK.

Not forgetting he’s also part of numerous projects such as SOLAR SKELETONS, MS30, V-ATAK and works also for dance companies, living performances, movie soundtracks and any other mediums with sound inside…

On this release Tzii propose his own vision of the emperor Elagabalus and his connection to the solar cult ……. decadency, black monoliths and sun rituals melt together into a whirlwind of synths and features Andrea EV on vocal…

Listen and order here.

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Dolina - Four Crystals

Once upon a time… the french-belgian trio is back again with 2 new songs.

The sophisticated experience of « Crystal » and the broken melancholy of « Lettre posthume » are there to whisper the sounds of an endless story called: DOLINA.

Listen and order here.

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