Cawatana - Victory Of Regret

8 tracks from the 20-year history of Cawatana, in brand new versions, re-created with the new equipment of the band. Dark folk acoustic guitars merge with darkwave/postpunk/minimal wave sounds of analogue synths and drum machines, forming a bridge between acoustic and electronic, highlighting the best of both worlds.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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ImiAFan - Te Is Tudod

The Slovakian-Hungarian ImiAFan minimal electro/synthpop project has been active in the underground music scene for more than 20 years. After some vinyls on Slovakian, French and Dutch labels here is their CD Te is tudod released by the Hungarian Senkrecht Records. The album contains 10 tracks, the lyrics are based on Slovakian, Hungarian and German poems. The songs (recorded between 2013 and 2019) reflect the cooperation of Imi Vegh and Miki Bernath.

Minimal synth hymns, catchy synthpop tunes, dark electro vibrations, pumping EBM beats – a mesmerizing journey through electronic landscapes.


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