Infinity Night - Disco MonoLead

Here’s the latest release from Infinity Night, a French instrumental electro disco project from the man behind Radio Cosmos.

Digital Album

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Synth Synth Romantico - Synth Synth

Here’s the first releases (#1 and #2) from Synth Synth Romantico, an instrumental italo / synth-wave project from France.

Digital Album

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Robert Maschke produced cover art that should give you a hint of what to expect from this 11 tracks double LP compilation, namely star gazing italo thick on the synthesis and notions of space travel and futurism. Across the 4 sides, ‘Synth Dimension’ essentially grants a quartet of highly regarded synth explorers 12″s to show their wares with Keen K, Kid Machine, Astro Chicken founder Hyboid and Infinity Night all involved.

2 LP Limited edition of 220 copies.

Listen and order here.

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