Little Beards - Midnight in the Garden of Chaotic Neutral

Here’s the latest release from Little Beards, a wife and husband duo from Dallas, Texas.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Single Lash - Soft As Glass

Single Lash is reverb-drenched Austin, Texas outfit whose distorted tones emanate from a deep, opaque chamber. Their newest single, “Soft As Glass,” sounds like a nearly industrial take on the dark shoegaze of their earlier material. Indiscernible vocal chants drift amidst a cold, mechanical landscape before fading into nothingness.

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Pharmakos - Nude

Pharmakos is the work of Cole Garner Hill. Debut album “Nude” out now on Pour Le Corps on 100 limited-edition cassettes/digital download. D.Y.O.G.

Listen and order here.

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Def Rain

Electro-space-pop duo Def Rain formed in 2011, fusing together the the musical talents of Ashley Cromeens (singer/songwriter) and DJ Abe Lincoln and quickly becoming a staple of the North Texas music scene. Their live performance has been captivating audiences, including the lead singer of The Flaming Lips, Wayne Coyne, due to the fog-wrapped, laser-filled vibe that highlights their funky sound.

The duo have individually working in music for some time, trying their hand with a few bands and sounds that were not a perfect fit, finally finding their signature sound when they came together. Today, they are premiering a brand new track, “Leads”, off their debut album.

Leads” takes you back to a 1980s school dance, snapping and bogeying like Sixteen Candles all over again. The song features a synthed guitar with a mellow beat and pop vocals. Def Rain merges together a funky spacey sound, hence the “space” in electro-space-pop that is undeniable upon hearing their music. Get into this awesome duo, as we expect to see great things from them going forward.

Def Rain is putting out their first album, debuting their funky electro sound with 11 tracks that highlight their laid-back vibes and banging beats.

Listen and order here.

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