Glasnost - Dance

Our planet is not tailored for happiness. GLASNOST (aka Танцевать) is a maximum transparency policy used in the music creation of Alexander Chiesa and Alina Vaulina.

Minimalistic keyboard, cold vocal.

12″ / Digital Album

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Maman Küsters ‎– L'Extase & La Terreur

The Maman Kusters collective, based in Brest, brings together all kinds of noisy individuals scattered across the wide world, and offers to listen to mp3s of scandalous roughness and power, which evoke piles of peeled and macerated electronic instruments, as if Kraftwerk and DAF, from grim memories, had stuck their fingers in the sector and started fiddling with electronic music without washing their hands.

12″ / Digital Album

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We Are Not Brothers ‎– Fuck Work

We Are Not Brothers are Fran Sancho, Damià Llorens, Rafa Arques and Juan Ignacio Pérez. Written and recorded by We Are Not Brothers at their home studios, Alcoi, País Valencià. In memory of Tomás Romero “El Chino”.

12″ / Digital Album

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Sydney Valette ‎– Brothers

Here are the musings of an old soul. Brothers is the latest release of Sydney Valette, torn between Synthwave and EBM, in the quest for the ultimate post-world brotherhood.

12″ / Digital Album

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Chrome Corpse – Detecting Movement

Chrome Corpse is a 4 piece band featuring young electronic musicians from Seattle, Washington and Paris, France. Influenced by old school EBM, industrial, dark electro, noise, ambient, and extreme metal.

EP / Digital Album

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