Alek Drive - Amour Musique

The solo debut in vinyl of Alek Drive is an extract of his “Frontière” digital album for UNKNOWN PLEASURES RECORDS, published in 2015.

12″ EP

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Holygram - Self-titled

The Cologne-based band HOLYGRAM dares the balancing act between wavy postpunk and industrial krautrock: driving and gloomy but still full of catchy moments. Music for the lost.

12″ EP Minialbum

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Ivy's Void

Here’s the first EP from Ivy’s Void, a black-wave duo from Berlin.

12″ EP

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Blind Delon - Edouard

Here’s the first release from Blind Delon, a minimal synth & post-punk duo from Toulouse, France.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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Növö Diskö

Növö Diskö came out from the collaboration of The Hacker from Grenoble and HIV+ from Paris.

12″ maxi-single limited edition of 300 copies on 180 gr. high quality lacquered pressed red vinyl.

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