Oliver - Neither Wise Nor Gods

The London based DJ and producer lands on the great Oraculo imprint for a powerful release titled Neither Wise Nor Gods. The EP includes 5 tracks and includes appearances by Die Selektion, a Kontravoid remix, as well as our premiere today, the title track featuring French luminary HIV+. [The Brvtalist]

12″ / Digital Album

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Lola Kumtus - This Modern Slave

Minimal Synth/Synthwave project from Helsinki, Finland. [Discogs]

12″ / Digital Album

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Petra Flurr & 89st - Trübe Stadt

Petra Flurr explores any kind of social tensions and control: political, religious, racial, with an acid, violent and uncompromising attitude. He is well-known in the underground scene for his driving minimalist electro-punk sound, furious ravaging vocals and the devastating live performances, in which he turns into a real stage animal.

12″ / Digital Album

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No Mercy An Honoris Tribute To The Sisters Of Mercy & The Sisterhood

Extracted from “Honoris ii, tribute to the sisters of mercy & the sisterhood”. Published under exclusive license of unknown pleasure records as part of the black alliance project.

7″ + 12″ / Digital Album

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Ride The Wave IV

This compilation is featuring 5 tracks of minimal / synth pop by Dancing Plague, Carlo Onda, Most Modern, Karl Kave and Deathrippers.

12″ / Digital Album

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