Chrome Corpse – Detecting Movement

Chrome Corpse is a 4 piece band featuring young electronic musicians from Seattle, Washington and Paris, France. Influenced by old school EBM, industrial, dark electro, noise, ambient, and extreme metal.

EP / Digital Album

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Unusual Sounds Gathering Vol. 1

Oráculo Records proudly presents “OMBRA FESTIVAL Unusual Sounds Gathering Volume 1”, a vinyl compilation created to celebrate the very upcoming second edition of OMBRA FESTIVAL, that took place on November 29th and 30th in different spots of Barcelona. Released in a one-off limited edition of 300 copies it includes unreleased material by some of the artists that joined OMBRA FESTIVAL project and that majorly will be part of the scheduled OMBRA FESTIVAL live shows. Featuring new music by THE PRESENT MOMENT, CELLDÖD, PSYCHE, RNXRX and WE ARE NOT BROTHERS.

12″ / Digital Album

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Little Boy Lost - Vestiges

Little Boy Lost was a short-lived synthpop duo from Copenhagen, featuring members of MOTH, Melting Walkmen and Motorsav.

LP / Digital Album

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Physical Wash - Physical Death

Physical Wash is the industrial solo project of Susan Subtract of High-Functioning Flesh. Maintaining a full hardware setup, Susan melds the rigid body beat and vocal snarl of HFF with grinding industrial melodies and a brooding atmosphere. Originally conceived in 2017 as an electro side project to compliment per songwriting in HFF, Physical Wash gradually became Susan’s main focus.

EP / Digital Album

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Frust - Stone I

Here’s the first release from Frust, an electro project from France with 2 members of Blind Delon.

EP / Digital Album

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