Soloist Anti-Pop Totalization - Synth In Japan

Objetrouvé n°10, SYNTH IN JAPAN, is an invitation to travel within the emerging Japanese synth scene. A unique opportunity to discover the work of two non-standard personalities who each reinterpret and mix up the codes of synth in a very personal way.

Rikinari Hata, aka SOLOIST ANTI POP TOTALIZATION, from Tokyo, plunges his inspiration into a material reminiscent of industrial and experimental music. He builds fantastic electronic machineries, musical space shuttles that rustle with a thousand sound inventions and drag in their trail murmurs of dreaming robots. Based in Kobe, JIN CROMANYON, Hidetaka Horie’s musical double, embodies a sort of whimsical and truculent character who would have jumped out of a video game or anime to take over the dance floor. He creates synthpop gems as opening soundtracks for disquieting futuristic fables.

LP / Digital Album

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Luminance - Crystal Magic

Objet Trouvé is a label from Berlin releasing synth, wave, minimal and experimental music.

Luminance is a band from Brussels, Belgium, that was born in 2012. Their music could be described as Cold Wave, Synthpop, Ambient and Dark Electronics.

Digital Album

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La Chatte - Ouais !

Here’s the latest release from La Chatte, a French electro / minimal synth trio based in Berlin, Germany.

LP / Digital Album

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Martial Canterel - Horizon Ltd.

Here’s the latest EP from Martial Canterel, a solo minimal synth act from Brooklyn, NYC.

EP / Digital Album

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