Antiflvx - Platonic Perspectives

A hybrid in its genre combines the darkwave with boxes synthes and controllers, Camilo Alfonso and Leonardo Jaime are a dark machine in process and a product of the recent global performance of Colombia.

Cassette / Digital Album

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The Post Modernism Forms - Greatest hits and madness

Postmodernism forms is an electronic project based in Bogotá and Berlin. We are a synthwave duo, with influences, cold, minimal, dark wave, post punk, techno tones. A hypnotic band of strong and energetic sounds with sensual and harmonic vocals full of lyrics and deep and emotional verses. Expressionist, sweet and poetic. The project is formed by Erika Gómez and Andrés Royet.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Stockhaussen - Signos

The second analogue album and coldwave from Mexico to the world, a matured work with personality, Angel Kauff does not stop surprising us and delights us with new creations with 80s synthwave brushstrokes and a very good minimal rhythm!

LP / Digital Album

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Memorias de un Continente II

Memorias de un Continente is a collection to new style of Minimal synth, Synth wave, Synth punk, Cold electronics; In this proposal provides for excellent participation México, Brasil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela, Cuba y Perú included.

12″ / Digital Album

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Stockhaussen - Cold Lines

A great pleasure to present the debut album of one of the musical pillars within the minimal synthwave and dark electronics style in the world actually, who operates from his native Mexico being this one of the most influential countries within the Latin American scene called Stockhaussen “Cold Lines”.

LP / Digital Album

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