Inés é Morta - 2018​/​2019

This is the debut compilation from Inés é Mort, a Brazilian atmospheric post-punk quartet from São Paulo.

Brazil is one of the most representative countries of South America in the post-punk and darkwave scene, this quartet that has the city of São Paulo as its base center, gives us two eps of atmospheric cut but very different from each other while ST goes through a stage primitive of a cruder postpunk, to Abismo that navigates with syncopations that lead you to think of Siouxsie, Xmal and even Skeletal, the conjunction of their sound added to the game of Voice of Camila (voice) that sings in Portuguese makes us think that in Sudanese lands as we have always said, we have nothing to envy the old world.

CD / Digital Album

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Antiflvx – Spirals

Antiflvx is a project from Colombia created by Leonardo Jaime (Circo del Luto, Resistor) with a sound perspective focused to the Coldwave subgenre, created circa Q4 2016. Its lyrics, certainly introspective, try to show personal positions regarding existential dilemmas that most human beings have always been asked theirselves for.

Camilo Alfonso in programming and synths, and Leonardo Jaime in vocals, leave us a hybrid sound that ranges from the most dense EBM to the most danceable synthpop cold, passing through minimalist and vocal atmospheres between guttural and romantic, an album that in a few years will be a cult, eye to the last remix that breaks any boring dance floor!

LP / Digital Album

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