Chlorine Gargoyle - Ruin

Lo-fi Goth from Sydney, Australia.

CD / Digital Album

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El Ojo y la Navaja - Extimidad

This is the first album by El Ojo y La Navaja which was recorded between 2020 and 2021 in Mexico. These songs are inspired by the sinister mental illness and despair brought on by obsession.

CD / Digital Album

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Chloroform - Ketamine 202

Chloroform is a post-punk / darkwave duo from Russia and this album was recorded in 2019.

Cassette / CD / Digital Album

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Alqa - Oscuras Influencias

Alqa, is the musical project of Jaime El Energúmeno, a Barcelona DJ linked to the “DARK” scene. He also collaborates on the “Last Redoubt” project.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Rüe Morgue 131 - Los Crímenes del Siglo

“Los Crímenes del Siglo” proves to be a concept album based on human exacerbation and its development in the modern world, such as consumerism, power struggles, killings and other exaggerated behaviors aligned with sin, selfishness and infamy.

CD / Digital Album

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