Ex Fulgur - Noire Sont Les Galaxies

Ex Fulgur are a 3 piece from Rennes France, with its roots in No-Wave, Post-Punk and Noise their sound is minimalist and dense. Dark and elegant. Sexy and cerebral and at times a little wobbly.

LP / Digital Album

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VvvV - Self-titled

Armed with Strings from Heaven, Organs from Hell and Oscillators from the deep and Beyond; VvvV are a 2 piece from Bordeaux, France.

The (typically) enigmatically untitled debut LP from the unit is an Epic, Elegant and Brooding ColdWave/Synthpunk/Kraut tour de force: The 9 tracks offering a sensory-enhanced immersion into their black chromed version of reality.

LP / CD / Digital Album

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