Neon Lies ‎– Loveless Adventures

The third full length album and the most ambitious artistic output in Neon Lies’ / Goran Lautar’s discography is the result of one year making and relentless touring: a perfect blend of the minimalistic lo-fi darkwave sound of Neon Lies’ early stages – back when he was revisiting his teenage crush for early minimal synth punk and proto-industrial, and the second album, when he was more into exploring experimentation with repetition, noise, electro and up to date sounds and ideas from European underground dance floors.

“Loveless Adventures” releases on multiple formats: Wave Tension Records, Cut Surface, Cosmic Brood and Black Verb Records teamed up for the 12” vinyl, while cd and tape are released on Periphylla and Mental Healing, respectively.

LP / Digital Album

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The 3rd label compilation – a blast from Cut Surface’s. PAST | PRESENT | FUTURE.

CD / Digital Album

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Falle ‎– Expectations

Waking up, Staying down, overwhelmed by facts and fate. With cavernous eyes fed on unease, we have a vibrant hunger – to shape the unpredictable, to master the inevitable. And here it is, where they infect and overwhelm us like a virus, they consume us like the plague: EXPECTATIONS.

“Haunting. Stifling. Wired.” Named after a man-made construct to capture or control, Falle have been fuelling anticipation since summer 2018, and stretch from the flourishing Vienna/Graz tape-head scene as a collaboration between Tina Bauer, Markus Gönitzer and Peter Lazarus. United by a firm lo-fi mindset and a joint vein for the grim and murky, they lurk in the substantial negative space between catchy ‘80s-esque Bat Cave and a barren basement wallpapered with primal Units posters, early Holograms & Frustration or the likes. Driven by stubborn drum strokes, their biting synth patterns and bleak bass lines close around blunt, determined chants of introspection. Monotony? Repetition? Insistence! Turns out, we ‘re lured into a compelling body-gripper between grave post-punk dramatics and brittle punk temperament. Take the bait!

Cassette / Digital Album

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Grotto Terrazza - Stumpfer Gegenstand

Transforming from a blunt object into a smoldering saint, just another day thought on the never ending collage of life, a pattern that continuously evolves like Grotto Terrazza, the Munich based art/music/life project of Thomas Schamann.

‘Stumpfer Gegenstand’ (Blunt Object) is his musical debut for Cut Surface and Maple Death, a beautiful intimate album of translucent dark beat poetry, that flickers between rhythmical murder ballads, Neue Deutsche Welle, the early experiments of Palais Schaumburg and the industrial malaise of Cabaret Voltaire; this is art-punk that plays with musique concrete and finds it’s pop sensibility rooted in EBM and folk noir.

Schamann started collecting bits and pieces of this and that in order to use them for a cut-up of some sort in 2015. Slowly two distinct and cohesive pieces came to life, his editorial debut, “Trattoria Nihil”, a 250 page collection of beat poetry in German & drawings, and this album ‘Stumpfer Gegenstand’, started roughly in 2017 in Paris, France. Thomas was on tour with his other band, darkwave Berlin project Bleib Modern, with a few days off, and decided to split from his bandmates and embark on an odyssey through Pigalle and other parts of the city; this is where the seeds of the album were firmly planted.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Imposition Man - Self-titled

The aptly titled Imposition Man wallows in outrage, slams the door behind him, and painfully realizes that from now on he is alone. Driven. Rebellious. Devoted. By means of impelling machine beats, brusque (bass)guitars, sinister synths and unadorned & demanding vocals Marxelot, T-Rex (both: Berlin, de) and Gö (Graz, at) spiral into the harsh and cold unknown, the uncertainty. Struggling and pounding. Liberate yourself, Imposition Man! Indeed, you are your own ultimate foe, my friend.

LP / Digital Album

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