Crush of Souls - Bad Trip

Crush of Souls is the new musical endeavour of Charles Rowell (Crocodiles, Flowers of Evil, Issue…).

After relocating from New York to France, Charles has been pushing and morphing the project towards its final state over the course of the last years. But it wasn’t until he was living out of a hotel in north east Paris, a short stoned stumble away from La Station and Espace B, that Rowell found his inspiration for Crush of Souls. The city provided the background and the scene of friends who pushed his creativity even further.

There’s always been a thread of electronic, goth rock and diy noise music running through all of Charles’ projects, however Crush of Souls pushes harder and further featuring guitars revisiting tones only discovered by Chrome, primal Wax Trax style beats, challenging noise passages that rattle the ghost of Genesis P. Orridge – the rain and wind ultimately completed by stormy saxophone entries.

A dreamlike – or nightmarish – electrical journey into the weird, not for the faint hearted!

Cassette / Digital Album

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