Clear Memory 003

With it’s third issue, Clear Memory is about to bring future good memories. Kicking off are tracks by Mr. Beef – who is a founding member of the crew and puts out a nasty anthem – and Hayter who is celebrating his solo debut reflecting his gastronomical preferences. We are yet again forcing our members to interact vigorously in order to form new groups such as Yarn Init & Stranded Wires who share not only the side of a record but also their sound aesthetics: sharp machine funk. A record to listen to as a whole. A walk in the park – a step in the dark. Don’t trip!

12″ / Digital Album

Posted on April 9th, 2020 under Releases,

Clear Memory 002

The veil falls, as the transmitter that is Clear Memory commences to send for a second time. Light is being shed on the works of Milium, Westlake & Hayter, Robyrt Hecht and Varum. Four tracks of scientifically crafted tunes, full of rugged drums, menacing basslines, mesmerizing keys, voices that narrate both hard to swallow truths and declare their attachment. 140 g of Clear Memory Sound at various speeds and styles.

12″ / Digital Album

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