Cirque D'Ess - Black Synthetic and Dense

“Black Synthetic And Dense” is an immersion into a deep and dark world of atmospheric and evocative sounds. Taking inspiration by a wide range of music styles including Darkwave, Shoegaze, EBM, Techno and Drone, this album contains songs with intense basses, dreamy dark guitars, dance floor rhythms, layered and wide synths, weird industrial objects and huge reverbs. From mysterious whispers to harsh screams passing through experimental and unusual melodic vocal lines, every song is about real and strange life experiences in allegorical and expressionist way.

Despite every song has its own peculiar story, them are all chained by a common and constant “fil rouge” that makes this album sound organic and flowing. Under a black hood, driven by liturgical images and sustained by dance floor sounds… this is “Ritualwave”.

CD / Digital Album

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