Author & Punisher - Women & Children

Women & Children was written and recorded by Tristan Shone in his San Diego, CA studio. Mastering by Tristan Shone and Jim Garry at Roar mastering. Album artwork by Scott McPherson. Instruments designed and fabricated by Tristan Shone. Original version of »Fearce« recorded by Ejaculoid, from the comic Wuvable Oaf. This album is also available on CD & LP on Seventh Rule (srule035).

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ARM - Enheartened

The arm is one of the most important vehicles of our actions, a body part that properly helps to manifest a thought or a concept into the physical realm. This ARM protrudes from the musical body of Dan Serbanescu (Tanz Ohne Musik, Alone in the Hollow Garden, et al), and pulls you in to a hallucinatory fever dream. Enheartened is a collection of deceptively simple dungeon synth lullabies themed around the spiritual empowerment of flesh, and the carnal manifestation of the spirit.

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Michael Idehall - Svartkonster

The craft of the left hand is the route beyond routes // Seeking the roots below roots // Where art becomes artless // And life perhaps a lie // These is a shadow cast by a hand in motion // Within the timeless threads // That is motionless // A handless gesture becomes a prophetic movement // Two thoughtless currents become a mirroring gaze // The craft of the left eye is the piercing peer // But only amongst peers will the vision appear // Solid and floating // Fleeting // The flame of the left emanations ☿

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Veil Of Light - Ξ

At first Veil of Light might come across as cold. It’s an easy mistake to make, their grand gothgaze is certainly steeped in melancholy and desolation. But as you become enveloped in the crystalline synth swaths, the mechanical rhythms, and the screeching guitar feedback, you feel a oddly at ease. Comforted. Like pulling your coat tighter as you walk down a empty, rain-wet autumn street.

Beläten is honored to welcome Veil of Light back into the fold, and to present our first vinyl release. Ξ is pressed on heavy, white vinyl, housed in a sturdy cardboard outer sleeve and a printed inner sleeve, and limited to 350 copies.

Listen and order here.

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