Aga Wilk - Moon

Aga Wilk (aka 77™) is back with this new EP.

A-side includes three songs full of analog synths, cold bass lines and vocoder vocals.

B-side is reserved for some remixes. First by Flemming Dalum, a DJ and producer based in Denmark and devoted to Italo Disco. Second one by David Carretta, famous french DJ and producer. And the last one by Fotoplastikon, a cult underground project from Poland.

Limited to 300 copies with foldover jacket.

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Supernova 1006 - Talons

Supernova 1006 is a post-punk / cold-wave band from Khabarovsk, in the Far East of Russia. Formed in September 2014, the first name was “Lost in Translation” that was later changed into “Supernova 1006″.

Listen and order here.

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Eerie Sopor - Constellations of Body

Here’s the debut EP of Eeerie Sopor, a dark wave / minimal synth / cold electronics project started in May 2015.

Listen and order here.

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Broken English Club - Suburban Hunting

We are excited to announce a full length album (2×12”) by key Cititrax artist Broken English Club. After the strong reception of his split EP with Silent Servant, solo work for both Cititrax and Jealous God, and recent feature on the Cititrax: Tracks Volume One EP, Oliver Ho (also known for his Raudive alias) expands upon the themes in his earlier output. Now though, he is presenting Broken English Club as the multifaceted project that it is. He fearlessly exposes a range of emotion through varying sound, texture and song structure. The result is a manifestation of his influences (post punk, noise, techno, grindcore) melded into his own unique vision and culminating in an album that sounds absolutely massive, both on and off the dance floor. About Broken English Club, in Oliver’s own words:

“It’s not about some idea of the future, it’s about a grubbier seedier world. Theres no superior technology here, there’s a romance to damp concrete buildings and abandoned reservoirs. Somewhere in the nursing homes that smell of bleach and piss, under the jaundice yellow glow of street lights, there’s a dark soul. I like music with a sense of dread, there’s drama or suspense in that feeling somewhere.

I am fueled by the energy and noise of 1980’s grindcore. The track “Scum” is a tribute to the Napalm Death song of the same name. Those kind of brutalist noise bands are a very English thing to me, the oblivion of that is romantic. I am fascinated and disgusted by things, and I like that friction. The best things in life seem perverted and disgusting at first and then become beautiful and transcendent.”

Listen and order here.

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Carol - Breakdown / So Low

Everyone being a early 80′s dark/cold minimal synth enthusiast have encountered those two classic songs composed by Carol and Snowy Red’s frontman Micky Mike.

Originally released in 1982, “Breakdown” and side B’s “So Low” have both achieved the status of myth and are considered as anthems by a large audience. Almost 35 years later we’re honoured to annouce that both tracks will finally be reissued as a lovely 7″, housed in a pretty classy packaging, perfect for another 35 years journey…

Listen and download here.

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