Them Are Us Too - Remain

Emerging quietly from the California bay area through their limited edition demos and intimate performances over the last two years, Them Are Us Too have gained a cult following within independent music circles as a young, new take on the revered “4AD sound” of dreamy goth-pop anthems. With a nod to 80’s shoegaze sensibilities, Them Are Us Too creates songs about tragedy and loves-lost that draws devoted listeners to their nostalgic and innocent sound. Kennedy Ashlyn Wenning’s vocals have been repeatedly compared to Kate Bush, Harriet Wheeler, and Elizabeth Fraser, with a pitch-perfect octave range carrying songs gracefully between optimistic joy down to undisturbed melancholia – all within one moment of verse. Guitarist Cash Askew paints a layered and complex backdrop using signature reverberation and washes of stringed ambient tones, akin to Robin Guthrie, Ronny Moorings and Kevin Shields.

Perfectly executed songwriting with effortless simplicity and vernal drive, Them Are Us Too’s debut album, Remain, rivals the comparative magic behind the early 4AD catalog and zeitgeist of early Creation Records. Massive, seraphic sound and heartbreaking nostalgia crafted into 8 songs of uncompromising and immaculately orchestrated beauty. At only 21 years of age for both members, Them Are Us Too mask their irrepressible youth underneath their limitless imagination and unparalleled talent, dedicating themselves fully to their uncanny musical creation.

The debut album “Remain” on Dais Records was recorded and produced by Joshua Eustis (Telefon Tel Aviv, Nine Inch Nails, Sons of Magdalene).

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Oil Thief - Obsolescence & Monality

Oil Thief is anti-stasis ambient industrial built for the tropics, climes both inner and outer, relative to local humidity. Oil Thief mingles with change, colonization, union, dis-union and abstract formulae through analogue and digital synthesis in an attempt to arrange formal relations between the political, cosmic and personal. Oil Thief is Los Angeles-based, from Centennial Apt., by the palms on the hill. Kind of near Chinatown. Oil Thief is Lee Landey.

Oil Thief & Hive Mind are set to tour Europe together in October, 2015.

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Master Master Wait is a declaration of war with an ultimatum that remains as dark as the bottom of their drinks & the depths of your soul. The soldiers of fortune Salo Jr & Über order you to join the ever growing ranks of a mutiny under the banner of synth-punk & clear-sighted anger. MS-20 molotov and surgical lyrics…

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Neon Shudder - Hex Phase

From Philadelphia, USA, Hex Phase is the fifth album from Neon Shudder, an artist who’s making 80′s cyberpunk inspired instrumental music with a synthy retro vibe and an healthy serving of dark electronic.

Listen and download here.

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Garçons Coiffeurs - The Early Years

Created in 2005, Garçons Coiffeurs is a new wave post-punk electronic band from Nice (south of France) influenced and passionate by post-punk music, cold and synthetic soundscapes of the 80′s (New Wave, Cold Wave, Electronic, Industrial).

“The Early Years” 2005 – 2010 is Garçons Coiffeurs’s 1st album with tracks composed between 2005 and 2010.

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