H ø r d - EP #2

Hørd is a darkwave project based in Bordeaux and founded in 2013 by musician and video-artist Sebastien Carl. His music is a deeply melancholic and epic synthwave, oscillating between efficiency and pondering, influenced by fantastic movies and film noir.

After a first EP and many tracks released on Romance Moderne, Giallo Disco, Anywave, The Scrap Mag, as well as a remix for Winter Severity Index, Hørd’s second EP will be out in October 2015: a 7” single with two devastating sides (“Speak”, an ideal hit single with ice-cold reflections, and “Let Them Burn”, a technoid anthem for a deadlock party), along with 4 digital remixes by Hante., Volcan, A V G V S T and Black Bug.

Listen and order here.

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