Z-POP-Records: Karl Kave – Traurig schauen die Berge

Karl Kave - Traurig schauen die Berge

Traurig schauen die Berge” combines a homerecording sound with sureal lyrics that reflect living in rural Switzerland. Diving into a odd walk of inner repetitions.

A friend called it Föhn Wave. A strangely warm Wind from the Alps. There are tales and studies about the Föhn driving people mad. Inducing headaches at least. Where I live is plenty of föhn.

I tried to get into a coherent world of phonetical thinking. All decorated by two neglected consumer class synths. The Yamaha TQ5, that looks like a telephone answering machine and the Korg DW6000, the last cheap analog polysynth from back in the days.

LP / Digital Album

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