Possession Records: Soft Riot – A Spade Is Played Again

Soft Riot - A Spade Is Played Again

A Spade Is Played Again is the first of two digital single releases from the 2023 album No. With a different, original version of this track on the 2021 compilation Dream Baby Dream Volume 1, this extended single contains a newer version of the titular album track “A Spade Is Played Again”.

The second variation, “A Spade Is Played Again (Breakdown Version)”, is an alternate Soft Riot version of the track, twisting the original far more into grainy post-punk territory. Having put down the guitar for synths since the start of the Soft Riot project, the “axe” is dusted off for this special version, providing shards of metallic noise and dubbed out noise-rock fragments over a propulsive beat.

Also included are two further versions of this track, the first variation being a collaborative rework of the title track, named “Rebuilding It Again” by Berlin-based DJ/electronic artist Carlos Grabstein, otherwise known as 89st, who runs the Berlin-based electronic label Miseria Records.

The second is a remix by Halicon — the moniker of Dayton, Ohio-based musician Tim Krug. An old friend from the days of touring in North America back in the 2000s, Krug is also known for work in other projects including Hexiadiode, Oh Condor and Brainiac.

Closing up this release is the non-album track “No Strings Attached”, which was originally intended to be the opening track on the No. album and was recorded and mixed with all of the tracks from that album but was not selected for the final album release. One of the shorter Soft Riot album tracks that has ever been released, it has a creeping, chromatic and slightly cinematic feel, with its lyrics suggesting imagery of “opening a scene” for some abstract, non-existent piece of thriller cinema.

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