Distag Records: Couverture De Survie ‎– Tetrapharmakon

Couverture De Survie ‎– Tetrapharmakon

Tetrapharmakon is the epicurean remedy for the pains and anguish of existence. Often confused with hedonism, epicureanism certainly also seeks to put an end to pain, but by taking a reasoned, more balanced path: pleasure in itself (hedonism) is indeed not what is desirable. What is, on the other hand, is a particular state of happiness which is ataraxia, that is to say the absence of disorders, or “eudemonism”. Exaltation of sincerity, it takes precedence over quality more than quantity. For example, love-passion, as a deregulation of the senses and reason, is contrary to ataraxia. Sincere and sensual friendship, on the other hand, is seen as conducive to the happiness of the individual.

This 4-title EP tries to describe these four remedies. The titles include (except for Остаје му само да броји) characters or philosophical concepts that come from the mythology and culture of ancient Greece.

Cassette / Digital Album [free download]

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