Chondritic Sound: Non​-​Christian Referent

Non​-​Christian Referent

Born out of befriending Krisztian Puskar on a trip to Budapest last year and learning that he had been curating this compilation, which fell apart on the label end before all tracks had been received. I offered to step in and release it, making this a rare release in label’s discography to be curated by someone else. Perhaps an unsual selection for Chondritic, but fits right in with some familiar artists.

Featuring exclusive songs, in order of appearance: Puce Mary, Martial Canterel, Image of Life, Palmovka, Drama!, Ravi Shardja, Tigrics, Superskin, Opposing Currents, and the wonderfully confusing Konvoj Bonton Bajkera.

Edition of 150, color cover on gray paper, labelled cassette, with download code.

Listen and order here.

Posted on November 5th, 2015 under Releases,