Desire Records: Sergie Rezza – Mist

Sergie Rezza - Mist

This music encompasses two worlds, lives in between territories – between techno and noise, the far end of a darkened club and a dreaming mind’s afterthoughts. Very earthly and deeply rooted, it sometimes appears fragmented, full of sonic embroideries, full of sonic dirt, even. Like two universes colliding, imploding one on the other, giving birth to a new space, without boundaries or restraints. Something to dance to, on a spaceship.

Sergie Rezza is the musical meeting of Romain Poncet and DJ Deep. In DJ Deep’s words there has been a “magical click” between him and Romain, when (after releasing the “Opening Moment EP” on Deeply Rooted) they both decided to meet in Romain’s studio.

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