Enfant Terrible: Europ Europ- Repeating Mistakes LP

Repeating Mistakes LP

While the ‘Mellowharsher’ mini LP (2012, Enfant Terrible) was subtle on every level this new full length album by Europ Europ might be called subtle noise… ‘Repeating Mistakes’ shows a slightly different side of the Norwegian band… they are back to being a duo and back to basics in a way…

The album is noisy but without being a simple drone… the band serves you lo-fi industrial soundscapes presented as songs… sometimes haunting and disturbing but the next minute soothing and hypnotic… ‘Repeating Mistakes’ is not an easy listening album but a piece of music you need to discover by listening to it over and over again… peeling away layers and uncovering the true nature of the songs by doing this… this is simply minimal electronics as it should sound!

Limited to 200 copies.

Listen here and order here.

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