Claus Comedi - La Historia De Tu Alma

Claus Comedi is the French duet behind Waving Hands.

Recorded at home in Porspoder (FR) during 2018 using Korg MS-20 & LP-10, Roland CR-8000 & TR-606, The Human Comparator SY-1 and Yamaha Portasound PSS-560.

7″ / Digital Album

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Couteau Latex - Décadanse

Couteau Latex is a US-Swiss duo formed by Seth Sutton (Useless Eaters, Life Trap) and Lise Sutter (Maraudeur, The Staches). “Décadanse”, their first EP, comes after two 7″ released by Goner Records, an iconic figure of Memphis’s punk scene.

Mostly recorded in 2015 between Switzerland and USA on a 4-track recorder, ‘Décadanse’ delivers mechanic and melancholic post-punk tunes, interconnecting European minimal synth and US punk traditions. Here, the bass is groovy and leading, the vocals are haunting, half-spoken/half-sung, the sound dusty. If we stoop to make comparisons, Couteau Latex reminds us some of our personal French idols like Deux, singing about the cigarette smoke left at night by a bunch of boys ” à la démarche fauve”…

EP / Digital Album

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