A new compilation called 606 carefully chosen by the Spanish label and once more intentionally made up of 4 artists who have in common personality and creativity. These four diverse tracks are full of catchy melodies, powerful arpeggios and danceable beats and also speak the same language. Doubtless, this compilation can show anyone no interest in trends and bet on music that the label loves and respects.

12″ / Digital Album

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Vortice Mortale – Memento Mori

Half of the dark synthwave duo THE HUNT, Herbert West is a French electronic producer heavily influenced by 70’s and 80’s horror soundtracks. This artist tends to use vintage, analog and modular synths and It´s important to point out that he has released with the Hunt two albums through the well-known labels Giallo Disco (2014) and Bordello a Parigi (2018).

Vortice Mortale is his new project in which he mixes space disco and dark synth music.It is clear as water that Herbert West loves Italian horror movies and French disco music of the past decade considering that this work “Memento Mori” is perhaps a perfect combination of powerful beats, enigmatic passages and wicked catchy melodies.

12″ / Digital Album

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Here’s the latest compilation from Waste Editions featuring Dead Husband, WLDV, Mynationshit and Cold Colors.

12″ / Digital Album

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Dead Husband - Luxe Kondo

Boston duo Dead Husband are responsible for the new and captivating release “Luxe Kondo”. Six varied and punchy tracks made up the long-awaited debut 12″ which as usual go hand in hand with a well prepared design and a white colored vinyl.Doubtless,this uplifting work is abounding with old and up-to-date influences and make clear that these tasteful guys share their love for Minimal wave,Electropop and Techno.

12″ / Digital Album

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We Love Dolce Vita - Ritual of Six

Our new release is here and perhaps to some of you, WLDV will need no introduction considering that this talented DJ and producer has just released on the well-known and cult label Giallo Disco a little while ago . Once again We´d like to present a new painstaking limited edition with a cute 12 “ golden vinyl. It´s “Ritual of Six” and this one is a gripping and mysterious album which is made up of six creepy and catchy tracks mastered by Manel Ruiz. Indeed,a brilliant work where bloodcurdling sounds, hypnotics atmospheres and thunderous analog arps can make you to look through the keyhole and see a little bit of hell gate.

12″ / Digital Album

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