Stockhaussen - XXI

The album starts during 21st century (XXI), Lo-fi music, electronic & cold sound, experimenting in the new communication era, the connections between the machines and the humans through the music, showing a reinterpretation of the past in the present.

We have reached, “Pasado y Futuro” is the border, new structures of music to equilibrate the sensations and the mind to know another part of the universe, as though we were travelers of time with the possibility to go to different spaces of this reality.

We’re at the end of the road, Inmatfabrik is the last stop, it’s electronic body music, It is really a renaissance. It’s time to take a rest… But not for a long time.

LP / Digital Album

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Stockhaussen - Signos

The second analogue album and coldwave from Mexico to the world, a matured work with personality, Angel Kauff does not stop surprising us and delights us with new creations with 80s synthwave brushstrokes and a very good minimal rhythm!

LP / Digital Album

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Stockhaussen - Cold Lines

A great pleasure to present the debut album of one of the musical pillars within the minimal synthwave and dark electronics style in the world actually, who operates from his native Mexico being this one of the most influential countries within the Latin American scene called Stockhaussen “Cold Lines”.

LP / Digital Album

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