Neugrau ‎– Beneath The Skin

The 12th instalments on the label is signed by NeuGrau a brand new project from Ingmar Pauli and Saša Rajković. Their sound brings to mind rough 80s/90s dark wave with a punk/rock tinge and bass guitar as the lead instrument.

The duo is hard to pin down: synth mixture, prominent bass guitar, solid basslines and drums in tight lockstep, all with Saša Rajković’s fascinating vocal signature alongside.

Beneath The Skin flexes the songwriting muscle and spirit of the duo’s aesthetic, inspired by an entirely set of circumstance and vocabulary. No matter what situation the duo finds themselves in, every song gets an individualized treatment while building a larger story. NeuGrau’s feel is a musical manifesto of the current society disease and socially regressive technology.

LP / Digital Album

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How Green Is My Toupee – Limited Edition Boxset

Influenced by Severed Heads, Garry Bradbury, and Skeptics, the band members Dom Krsic & Frank Sumatra team up to create an acerbic marriage of energized lush melodies blending synth-pop with industrial/post-punk disciplines.

Their curious tape loops and industrial noises melts together with clanking drum machine rhythms, surging body grooves and distorted synthesizer melodies. The result is a Psychotic FM Synth Symphony where the Croatian artist slowed-down, sped-up, reversed, and decontextualized his music into a timeless deranged cacophony of samples and percussions.

10″ EP / Digital Album

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