Savage Grounds - Hidden By The Night

Savage Grounds lands on She Lost Kontrol with a 7 track EP, Hidden by the Night. 

For the first time, the voice of Kleio Thomaïdes joins Savage Grounds members Florin Büchel (Synthesizers) and Daniele Cosmo (Drum Machines). The result is an attractive, intense record with some nuances that will surely make the old nostalgics of Krilian Camera and Simona Buja’s voice squeak their eyes. 

The record reminds us the heartbeat of Italian darkwave, the angularity of German basements, the youthful despair of French coldwave. But it’s more than that because it’s a very personal kind of darkness.The exasperated atmospheres seem to resonate on both sides of the record, with the due differences between the darker-wave elements of the record and the more proto-ebm ones.

All these songs are almost ‘goth love protest songs’: they all have the gloominess of the pre-disappointed, of the already-disgusted, of the unrelentlessly bleak against a freezing, sparse, ethereal electronic landscape.
The voice by Kleio Thomaïdes is so fascinating because it’s a wise, opaque, adult female voice which pave the way for a sting of sexy verbs spoken and screamed by a mysterious female voice, discordant EBM-influenced melodies and the occasional screech.

Dark as hell, coldly passionate, Hidden by the Night really is a poignant journey of pain and love. If you like the sound of that kind of thing, you’re going to love it madly.

12″ EP / Digital Album

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The NE-21 - In The Realm Of Electricity

The NE-21 return to She Lost Kontrol after their first pitch-perfect 80s dark wave release in 2016. After releasing a collaboration with Donato Dozzy with the project ‘Men with Secrets’ at the beginning of the year, the duo lands on the label with their new work “In The Realm of Electricity”. The album is a collection of 8 tracks composed and recorded between 2012 and 2020 at the Sy6 studio in Boscoreale. The outcome is a perfect blend of synth pop and minimal wave, filled with icy synths, shuddering bass, and anthemic vocals, ranging from mumbled vocoder to arch talk-singing.

While diverse in atmospheric scope, swells of ghostly synths circle the driving beat throughout, producing a haunting totality drenched in an ethereal midnight trance; the submerge of cold, spectral vocals sing within the darkest depths of a starry soundscape – the gloomy romanticism of low, distant vocals bursting with post-punk melancholia.

The track’s unease between purpose and utility create a discrete synthesis, and, like a piece of speculative fiction, the memory of the body and its coalescence with the future become prime motives for this liquid age. Akin to Ballard or Philipp K. Dick, the work is not only dreamlike and surreal, but vocally sinister, as if this spectrum of LUSH new wave ‘80s pop and Almond-style weirdness hides a truth waiting to be grasped. , the work is not only dreamlike and surreal, but vocally sinister, as if this spectrum of lush new wave ‘80s pop and Almond-style weirdness hides a truth waiting to be grasped.

The album in essence sounds unashamedly distinctive, unique and charming. Whether you fall in love with the whole act or you’re just stunned by the bizarreness of it all, one thing’s for sure – you’ll be compelled and gripped right to the infectiously smutty end.

12″ / Digital Album

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PC World - Order

Under exhausted lights of civil discontent the count has just began. What you parodied, what you scrutinised rears its pure gaze when punctured beyond performance. We cried for justice but instead found order, and now we face the chain.

PC World comes through with a haunting EP on She Lost Kontrol to distort the view and warp the vision of industrial addicts and mutant punks with their second release “Order”, a discursive counterattack on four distinct forms of command. The South London duo disfigures the unconscious reduction of pleasure and fetish, the connective tissue between privatisation and violence, the seduction of societal norms, and the neurotic tendencies of self-defeat. Like the surrender to a future shock, these four interwoven tracks are produced for the recognition of restraint and the demand for wanting more.

B-side remixes of the title track “Order” come from Physical Wash (former member of High-Functioning Flesh) and Aktion Mutante (featuring members of Violent Poison and Unhuman), two additional perversions of protocol from synth-punk veterans on both sides of the Atlantic. So initiate these six cries of havoc in solidarity with this wasted world, a world of precarious necessity and incessant definition. A world whose shape and conscience will forever be satisfied by order.

EP / Digital Album

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Unhuman & Petra Flurr - Cause Of Chaos

She Lost Kontrol is thrilled to announce the debut full length album by the collaboration between the Berlin based producer Unhuman and the performer – activist Petra Flurr. The two artists return to the label after their single releases in the two volumes of Surviving in Europe and for Unhuman, after his mighty Aktion Mutante ep in collaboration with Violet Poison back in 2018.

Marking our 14th instalment on the label, ‘’Cause Of Chaos ‘’ comprises eight tracks filled of energy and steeped in to gothic nostalgia and electronic body music. The well-known artists create a mix of post-punk and synthesizer electronics shaped by their uncompromised textures, that glides through genres with ease and combines modern style with retro goodness. An abstract style of contamination seldom seen within the modern music spectrum.

The Deutsch Italo- Griechisch duo offers us an immersive, futuristic and solid sound, inspired by the music which the two artists grew up with, following a natural evolution to their roots in post-punk, electronic and guitar music. Absolutely an album that will find its space on the shelves of passionate collectors of DAF, Liaisons Dangereuses, Virgin Prunes and beyond.

LP / Digital Album

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Surviving in Europe 17​-​20

After 3 years from the first part, we are excited to release Surviving in Europe part two. The full project comes out alongside a fanzine printed in risograph and a c90 transparent cassette. Registered and assembled during the past 3 years, from 2017 to early 2020. Contributions from: The NE-21, Piska Power, Bop+lksmn, Le Chocolat Noir, How Green Is My Toupee, Mother Juno, Autumns, Savage Grounds, Silent EM, Celldöd, Mind&Flesh, Strangers For Love, Blind Delon & Black Egg, Huren, Kris Baha, Raw Ambassador, Unhuman, Infravision, Be Dellow, Zarkoff.

“In a time of the new European nationalism, of razor-wire fences and renewed border Kontrols, mass immigration and homegrown terror, fear and insecurity, the suppression of internal borders of the EU is recognition that all the citizens belong to the same space, that they share a common identity.”

Cassette / Digital Album

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