Kord - Statement

Here’s the latest album from Kord, a minimal electronic artist from Sweden that has been active for more than 20 years with this act and other projects like Monster Apparat.

EP / Digital Album

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Kord feat. Annie Gylling - We Live In This

The musician behind Kord is an original member of Swedish cult electronic/acid oufit Frak and producing music since the late 1980′s…
with Kord he produces a more synthpop minded kind of music… most of the time…

for Gooiland Elektro he teamed up with his partner in crime/love and came up with this raw elektro EP… these tracks are the perfect mix of crazy and twisted electronic music (a signature of his Frak work) and dancefloor orientated sounds since the late 1980′s…

so we get served unpolished dance tunes with hints of EBM, new beat and (minimal) elektro… non stop primitive disco for sure!

Listen and order here.

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