The Drin - Down River In the Distance

Made by Dylan McCartney at the attic in the village by the cemetery with ancient tapes, several drums, two or three synthesizers, a bass guitar, shakers of a few sizes, a cowbell, a century old bugle, a broken melodica, two tambourines, the “thing”, a harmonizer, a destroyed contact mic, barely functioning buzzing amplifiers, sounds of the 1401, two warped electric guitars, a hand drum from my late uncle Gordon, a computer on the brink of a fatal crash, consumer grade microphones, a truculent flanger, a few bottles of ouzo, a bevy of self-induced paranoid delusions, bridges between Cincinnati and Kentucky, the companionship of a frightful cosmic tale, the solitude of the forsaken spot, vivid and visceral nightmares, red lights, night rides and poisoned air.

LP / Digital Album

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Memorabilia - Self-titled

The Glasgow 5-piece debut 4 tracks of post-punk with an ill-lit familiarity found in the early EPs of The Sisters of Mercy and Xmal Deutschland. Coupled with the angular metallic edge of Chrome’s Red Exposure and silky production, the sunless chants of Memorabilia are paramount to your winter soundtrack.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Crime of Passing - Off My Shoulder / Vision Talk

Crime of Passing is a post-punk / cold wave band from Cincinnati, USA.

Digital Album

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