Facket Strejkar – LS

As Juno so nicely put it. “There is little to nothing that we know about the enigmatic Facket Strejkar, but what we’re hearing is certainly placing the producers firmly onto our radars, and we expect plenty of imitators to come busting through real soon”.

Here they are once again with no shame attached. You can call it what you want but they put out everything from synth-pop to proper techno bangers in their own way. This time they deliver a tune that is more ebm than ebm should be. Proper basslines with killer vocals and a twisted “Brighton techno” riff. Old meets old meets something new.

On top off that they have scored some brilliant remixes. First off is the legendary green haircut guy from the Depeche101 movie who we call Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist. Bringing the 909 hardcore back to where it always should have been.

Second up is the magnificent diva Bizz O.D. whom we haven’t seen since the mid 90´s when she got lost in New York City running the classic Temple Records shop. But she keeps on sending us lost DAT tapes and come and play for our parties from time to time. Diva funk.

Last but not least we have the wonderful Blush Response from the Aufnahme + Widergabe and Sonic Groove fame and lately also been working as a part of Front Line Assembly. Mental Cuban industrial digital punk, yes its a genre from now on, at its best.

Enjoy or don’t. it is something else. An opinion is better than silence.

LP / Digital Album

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