Gwendoline - Après C'est Gobelet!

Gwendoline is the project from Micka (a.k.a. Mikoune) and Pierre (a.k.a. Daniel). Based in Rennes, musically influenced by the classic cold wave which originated in their country, precarious and aimless, they shape Gwendoline to their own image. Pure DIY ethics, quick recordings at their home studio. Dark lyrics, self-mockery, criticism, sarcasm derived from the world’s mediocrity.

“Après c’est gobelet!” is their first album. Melodic but dark, ironic but direct, sophisticated but absolutely minimalistic. A testimony of today’s world viewed under a grey prism of sarcasm and wrapped around beautiful melodies and rhythms.

LP / Digital Album

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Der Blaue Reiter – Epitaph Revisited

Three years ago, in December 2016 we released an album containing the entire recorded output by Der Blaue Reiter, the Italian cold wave pioneers. The songs had been written between 1980 and 1981 and recorded in 1983 but all were shelved and unreleased back then, so it was a real honour for us to make them public for the first time ever. Stefano Tirone, the widely experienced musician, producer and mastermind behind Der Blaue Reiter always had the idea of bringing those great old songs up to date in a more electronic approach. Hence, in 2017 he decided to start re-recording the tracks using his vintage, exceptionally well-kept synthesizers and drum machines. The only non-electronic instrument here is an old F.H. Kühling vertical piano. For the vocals, Stefano used the original 1983 recording which together with the classic sound of all the instruments have preserved the minimalistic, primary feel of these cold wave anthems.

So, are they modern? YES! Are they classic? YES! They sound just the way we love early electronics to sound and with an astounding technical quality!

LP / Digital Album

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Artificial Monuments - Illusions Of Identity

ARTIFICIAL MONUMENTS was an all-stars dark minimal / synthpop project from Copenhagen, originally formed by Patrick Ringsborg (Moth, Chainsaw Eaters, Little Boy Lost, Echo People et al.) Johannah Jørgensen (Metro Cult) and Kim Wolf Andersen (Moth, Chainsaw Eaters et al.). They were inspired by bands like Iron Curtain, Yazoo, Neon Judgement, Eleven Pond and Turquoise Days. Active between 2013 and 2015 only, the group disbanded due to Johanna’s health problems, leaving their debut album ‘Illusions of Identity’ on the cutting board. But it was posthumously finished over the next four years with the help of an incredible array of fellow artists from the new wave of post punk, who contributed their talents to the completion of the album: Sally Dige, Zosia Hołubowska (Mala Herba, Prison, Hände), Ina Noire & Lisa Løebekken (Techne), Sofie Jacobi, Cecilia Wörlén (Prison) and Christoffer Bagge (Metro Cult, Totem).

LP / Digital Album

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A Matter Of Concepts

A Matter Of Concepts is a very personal selection of songs by recent, active underground bands and artists that we love at DWR. Coming from UK, US, The Netherlands, Canada, France, Russia, Australia and ranging from post-punk to coldwave to synth-pop to indie. Fast paced and dancey or romantic and moody… there’s something for every soul here. We regard all of these songs as ‘instant classics’ and we bet that you’ll love them, too!!

LP / Digital Album

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