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7 months and 69 projects/versions later. From the night city to the forest and pagan roots.

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Crystal Cage - Spell of Sleep

Here’s the latest album from Crystal Cage, a lo-fi experimental synth project from Finland with cavernous growling vocals drenched in distortion and reverb.

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Crystal Cage - III

Based in Finland, theirs is a sound described as a combination of black metal, early 90s techno and jungle, with some Gothic minimalism thrown into the mix. In the vein of 80s UK group Cranes. Cage tell me this informed the vocal structure and style of the first album, and the later blockiness of the structure, usually without a chorus, because they say everything is the chorus.

The music released under the project morphs stylistically as it develops. The most recent material of which channels influence from the Berlin school, notably of Tangerine Dream’s Edgar Froese, with drone, industrial and noise elements thrown into the sonic soup. []

Digital Album (free download)

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