Specto Caligo - Distorsiones Óseas

Distorsiones Óseas (“Bone Distortions”) is the demo tape debut of Specto Caligo (glimpse the fog, in Latin), band formed in Lima-Peru at the end of 2017 by Angelica Carlos, Raul Vega, Hermann Hamann and Fernando Pinzás. The sound of the group is influenced by death rock, gothic rock, industrial music, a visceral sound that places them as worthy representatives of a new dark scene in Lima.

Cassette / Digital Album

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Sexores - East West

This is the consequence of a lot of influences: music, visual references and cities we have visited. We wanted to make something different, something brighter; East / West is that. A double album that reflects our idea of ​​evolution as a band. On one hand, we have 8 synth-pop songs with a very marked aesthetic; on the other, we got into experimenting with different types of instruments to create environments that go along with a side that we did not want to leave behind. This album is a perfect balance between that idea we had of the band that gazed at their shoes and the legacy of a whole generation of music made with synthesizers and futurism.

LP / Digital Album

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